If you would like to perform Inspection, Property Preservation or REO Maintenance services for Guardmen Properties, please fill out the vendor application. Our goal is to train you and help you be successful in the Mortgage Field Service business.

Hiring Quality Vendors is key to being successful in this business. We can’t do it alone!

Finding and developing solid relationships with vendors that become like family is what we strive for when a new vendor contacts us to perform services in their coverage area.

We have found that vendors that have been kicked around and that have lost work have done so for several reasons. But more often than not it’s because the regional client did not provide proper documentation of services they wanted performed, leading to disappointment for the client. At Guardmen Properties we work with our vendors by providing specific guidelines with picture examples, verbal and field training of each specific preservation service that needs to be performed.

We have developed and app called FieldPhotos ( to help our vendors and employees automatically upload all your photos in real time directly to our office. Our goal is to help our vendors save valuable time at the end of the day by eliminating the need for them to email or ftp photos and files to the office. It also helps us reduce our turn times to our clients and that normally leads to more work for our employees and vendors.

Even with the best training and processes in place mistakes are going to happen. It is our goal to work with you on these problems, cure the problems, move on and learn from the mistake. We feel that it is as much our problem as yours and having a relationship that builds up instead of tearing down is a much more profitable way to do business. This idea of working with a vendor may be considered bad for business. We feel that it is the only way to do business. Again, we can’t do the work without the Vendors. So we would rather build up our vendor network instead of tear it down.

Guardmen Properties payment terms are net 30 terms. If we have an issue on a specific work order we are going to work with you on getting this problem resolved and if a charge-back is need we will do so on your next check. Some may say that this is a bad business practice to pay your vendors before we get paid, we say it’s the only way to build trust and loyalty when building a vendor network that is excited about getting orders from Guardmen Properties. Besides, were not going to pay a vendor on a work order that has problems with missing photos, poor quality and missing documents. That’s just bad business.