Our Services

We can provide you with an array of inspection services tailored to your specific needs. Occupancy Determination, Verification of Occupancy, Borrower Interview, Grass Cut, Weed Cut, Exterior Debris, Property Condition, Disaster, Fannie Mae, Weekly and Biweekly Inspections.

The Inspections that we have the most experience performing are related to property condition inspections. With these inspections we provide occupancy, lot size, grass and weed height, debris amount and type, pool size and condition and all bids to cure possible violations. We will also generate a list of repairs needed and bids to repair.

Property Preservation Services

Initial Yard Maintenance, Initial Securing, HUD Conveyance Securing and Reporting, General Securing, Lock Changes, Re-securing, Boarding, Pool Securing, Pool Draining, Pool Shocking, Pool Gate Lock Change, Pool Covers/Boarding, Winterization, Debris Removal, Allow Access, Tree Trimming and Removal, Gate Repairs and More. If you have a specific job not listed chances are we can accommodate your needs with our innovative service minded way of doing business

REO Property Maintenance

Once you move the asset into your REO portfolio we will help you maintain the property until it is sold. Services that we can provide in whole or in part are listed in the logical order that they are performed.

Eviction Assistance

Cash for Keys

Complete REO Initial Services with a three step process…
1) Visit One (securing and personals determination)
2) Visit Two (debris removal, initial maid service and initial yard service)
3) Visit Three (quality control inspection)

Visit One Securing:

Locks and lockboxes will be installed to the codes that you need and specify. We will also determine if personal property is present. If personals are present we will await written instructions before removal of any personal property.

Visit Two Debris Removal:

Once it has been determined that we can proceed with interior and exterior debris removal it will be completed within the allowable. We feel that the removal of all hazards such as paint and oil needs to be done as soon as possible to eliminate damaging effects of these hazards if property is broken into by vandals and hazards are dumped on property.

Visit Two Initial Maid Service:

Includes thorough cleaning of all interior rooms, ceiling fans, window sills, appliances inside and out, wiping down all horizontal surfaces, cleaning toilets, sinks, inside drawers and cabinets, vacuuming all carpet areas, sweeping and mopping all hard surfaces, using extra care with wooden floors.

Visit Two Initial Yard Service:

Includes cutting all grass and weeds, weeding flower beds, removal of small dead plants, trimming shrubs and small trees. Picking up all debris.

Visit Three Quality Control Inspection:

This inspection is completed within 5 days of the initial services being completed. We feel that this inspection is vital to us maintaining a high quality standard to our valued clients. Our intension is not to catch our vendors making mistakes. It is to help vendors with added training. It also helps us gather feedback on services performed and shore up our training, process and procedures, so our clients never get negative reports on properties that we perform services on.


If needed due to loan type or during season. We will turn off and post stickers on all gas valves or electric circuit breakers to the well pump and water heater. We will lock or seal the water inlet, pressurize the plumbing system on the hot and cold side simultaneously with compressed air and look and listen for leaks. If no leaks are found; we will then blow all water from the pipe system and hot water heater with compressed air by opening all water outlet valves. We will install stickers warning that the water system has been winterized. These stickers will be placed on all drain areas where RV antifreeze has been poured into drain traps, toilets and toilet tanks. We will also install stickers on all doors leading into the home warning the person that water system has been winterized.


Upon completion of the initial services we will also provide a list of damages that should or could be repaired in order to make the home meet minimum standards set by you, always focusing on safety related hazards. We will provide estimates for these repairs and how much time it will take to complete the repairs.

Reoccurring Yard Maintenance Service:

We can provide ongoing yard maintenance services in order to keep the property looking good. More important it helps keep vandals from targeting vacant properties to hang out at. Our services provide periodic visits to the property to check the condition of all yards front back and sides. Cutting grass and weeds, picking up papers and other debris and checking the general exterior condition of the property. These regularly schedule services will help us provide you with valuable information regarding the property condition. We will provide you with the level of service that you need and want by following your guidelines.

Reoccurring Janitorial/Maid Service:

Once the initial services are completed ongoing janitorial/maid services are a must in order to maintain the property in selling condition. Doing so includes cleaning ceiling fans, dusting of window sills, cleaning appliances inside and out, wiping down all surfaces, cleaning toilets, sinks, inside drawers and cabinets, vacuuming all carpet areas, sweeping and mopping all hard surfaces.

Initial Pool Service:

After a property has been sitting awhile having a contractor that has experienced crews in place to provide the initial start-up of the pool can put our client’s minds at ease. Once we have determined that the utilities are on we can give attention to the pool system. Let us first examine the entire pools system. If parts are missing we will provide bid to replace or repair items as needed. In most cases all pool equipment is present and thorough cleaning is need. First we drain the pool by extracting existing water and pump it into the sewer system, remove all debris, clean pool filters, pressure/acid wash pool surfaces, and refill pool with clean clear water, and add any necessary chemicals to ensure the proper pH balance.

Reoccurring Pool Maintenance:

If you have a pool, it has to be maintained. Take advantage of our weekly pool maintenance service and eliminate green pools. Imagine how much money it costs to drain, clean and refill your pool after the water turns green. Let us keep your clean pool looking clean with proper water pH balance. We will always make sure the pool gate is secured with a padlock.

Capping Service:

We highly recommend that all REO property owners cap all interior water lines if appliances are not installed. Why? We feel that many damages to REO properties could be avoided, by capping lines. Eliminate the high cost of extracting water, remediating mold caused by vandals that deliberately turn on water valves in laundry room. These vandals simply turn on the hot or cold water valve where the washing machine hookup is located. These costly damages can be avoided by installing ¾” hose caps. Some other areas that may need capping are ice maker lines, soft water lines, lines that feed water to missing sink fixtures or dishwashers, RO lines under kitchen sinks, gas lines in kitchen, laundry rooms and any other areas that may need lines capped to prevent water leaks and fire hazards. Other capping services include water drains and dry vents.

Smoke Detectors:

Installing fresh batteries in smoke detectors or installing new smoke detectors may be necessary. We can provide you with a level of service that you need to protect your asset and keep others from damaging your property. We have found that the loud chirp of a low battery on a smoke detector located in a condo complex can drive the next door occupant crazy. Servicing smoke detectors can help you preserve your asset while vacant.

Addition Services Provided:

These are services that are outside the normal services provided. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and will adapt to any additional service that you may need.