We have a few sayings at Guardmen Properties that remind us what it takes to be successful serving the needs of our clients and vendors. “Service Makes Sales” and “Relationships Drive Revenues”. Our team of employees and vendors consistently perform services at a high quality standard leading to long term relationships with clients and vendors.

At Guardmen Properties instead of asking what’s in it for me we ask what we can do for you. We are not short sighted, short term thinkers, we adapt and change as your needs change, we treat our clients and vendors with mutual respect and we acknowledge that when issues arise we are in it together and the burden of resolving problems are not one sided.

Guardmen Properties has a keen eye on productivity. We were determined to reduce our turn times by 24 hours and to do so it meant that we needed to figure out a way to get photos from our field crews to the office in real time. To do so we assembled a team and developed an app that we call FieldPhotos ( and we successfully reduced our turn times and in the process reduced the stress level in the office related to due dates. We also saved money by reducing our hours of operation while improving our service to our value clients. That’s the kind of partner you get when you team up with Guardmen Properties.

Guardmen Properties will help you succeed in processing your Inspection, Property Preservation and REO Maintenance orders. Present us with your guidelines and we will push your standards into our process to complete work orders on time and within budget.

Leveraging the expertise of companies like York-Jersey Underwriters, US Hardware Supply, East Point Systems and the knowledge base of friends at NAMFS we have you covered with insurance and productivity standards that are required to exceed your expectations.

Guardmen Properties invites clients to put us to the test by processing a few work orders or a few hundred work orders. Our promise to you is to exceed your expectations, build trust and then build volume.

Guardmen Properties invites clients of all sizes to call on us for expert service. If you’re a mortgage servicer, regional or national preservation service provider and need assistance covering Inspection, Preservation, or REO Maintenance work orders, we would welcome your call today.